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Create the Career
that Works for You

Remember when you were a kid, and well-meaning grown-ups would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? Firefighter? Doctor? Scientist? Teacher? Movie star?


They all sounded great back then. But now that you’re a grownup, those answers may not be so interesting – or realistic.


Finding a career that makes you feel excited and energized when you get up in the morning can be a massive (and often stressful) job. So, what do you do?


You turn to Suter Group.



Get the Support You Need to Succeed

Career Coaching

Big decisions call for big thinking. Career coaching can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, set career goals, and create a plan to achieve them.

Resume Writing

Your resume is your key marketing tool. It lets potential employers see how you can contribute to meeting their goals. We'll help ensure it makes the best first impression.

Job Search

Some 70 to 80% of available jobs aren't listed. But that doesn't mean you can't find them. We'll show you how to navigate the hidden job market.

Personal Branding

Your personal brand is the unique set of knowledge, personality, and values that you present to the world. We can help you discover, articulate, and share yours.


Career Trends by the Numbers


of employees in 2022
said it was a good time to find a job where they live.


of responses from "quiet quitters" were related to engagement or culture, pay and benefits, or wellbeing-work/life balance.

8.6 million

occupational shifts took place in the US alone, representing a 50% increase over the previous three-year period.



Meet Jaki Suter

I launched Suter Group in the 1990s as a marketing communications business, after many years as a writer and creative director, working with business-to-business and consumer goods agencies. With a diverse client list that included IBM, AT&T, Intuit, Gartner, and MetLife, I built a reputation as a writer who truly understood the needs and goals of those businesses.

Over the years, I developed long-lasting relationships with many of the people at those companies. And when they were ready to move on, many of them would ask me to write their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. That’s when Suter Group transitioned from helping companies market their products and services to helping job seekers market themselves – along with their skills and capabilities.

​Today, Suter Group offers career coaching, resume writing and job search consulting, providing clients with the tools and insights they need to develop meaningful and rewarding careers. I encourage them to explore and take advantage of their knowledge, interests, and strengths, paving the way toward successful careers rooted in their own aspirations and beliefs. And most importantly, I teach them how to market themselves and create their own success.

By encouraging them to consider possibilities, identify their passions, and focus on creating positive change, I help people discover what they really want and where they’re most likely to find it.



“Working with Jaki has truly helped me explore possible career paths. She helped me define my values, identify my skills and understand how to put them to use.”


Julia B.



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